On the Cover

FEB 2016

Through nostalgic scenes and universal themes, Leroy Campbell  illustrates the art of storytelling using melanges of acrylic, paper, tapestries and organic materials. His work is a fusion of art and history that celebrates family and community culture and is sparked by the essence of that which connects all people.  Through these archetypes, he finds his creative voice and tells his visual stories. Stylized coal black figures with elongated necks and no visible eyes, silhouettes “look[ing] inward to the soul” and full lips that, “...speak for the soul even in their silence.”  Amalgamated with newspaper collages as a backdrop, the images speak volumes to observers.


Born with birth defects on both of his hands and feet and he grew up impoverished in the Gullah Corridor of Charleston, South Carolina.  His new coffee table book, My Authentic Self is a foray into his pain, and the influence of his heritage, which led to the discovery of his gifts and unfurling of his passion.  He ‘speaks’ using handwritten mantras and short narratives that are anecdotal, revelatory, and transformative. His ultimate goal is to inspire others to access potentials within themselves using images and words that ignite a visceral reaction to the commonalities that we share in life.


My Authentic Self is a journey of the transformation, acceptance and celebration of who we are truly meant to be.


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